RO Mobile

RO Mobile Exterior View

(6 Liter food quality PVC container in lid)

RO Mobile Interior View

RO Mobile Side View

- 1ST Stage: 5u Sediment removal pre-filter
- 2nd Stage: Activated Carbon Filter removes harmful chemicals
- 3rd Stage: Ion resin water softening filter
- 4th Stage: 12V Ultra Violet light to kill all germs and bacteria
- 5th Stage: Self-cleaning 125 GPD (481 LPD) TFC (0.0001u removal) membrane
- 6th Stage: Coconut shell activated crabon taste & odour removal filter


- 220V /3 pin plug with 12V transformer and battery clamps(for 12V all-terrain use)

- High pressure 12V Booster pump with 2m head to produce 5lt water in less than 30 minutes
- 12V Suction pump on inlet
- Easy accessible manual flush valve for easy membrane cleaning
- Sturdy moulded UV resistant PVC casing

- Dry Mass: 8kg
- Wet Mass: 14kg
- Height: 490cm
- Width: 355cm
- Depth: 170cm

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